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Why is this called 7radishkimchi?

Before Se7en's debut, his company have thought about the possible stage names (from letters to numbers, including 7) that would be suitable for Choi Dong Wook. Still undecided on the name, they went to eat at a restaurant with YG. On Dong Wook's plate, they noticed there were 7 pieces of radish kimchi. So, they confirmed Se7en’s name from that event~


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Stage Name: Se7en
Real Name: Choi Dong Wook
Birthday: November 9, 1984
Blood Type: B
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Nickname: Seven Eleven
Education: Seoul Hongdae Elementary School, Sung San Middle School, Anyang Arts High School, Gukje Digital University
Family: Grandma, parents and 2 older sisters
Faith: Christian
Favorite Sports: Basketball, snowboard, swimming
Favorite Musician: Usher, Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, Dru Hill
Favorite Colors: Black and white
Future goal: Change the world with my music
Motto: "Always be humble, have the best dreams."
Korea Debut: March 22, 2003
Japan Debut: February 23, 2005
U.S. Debut: Coming soon..
Fan Symbol: Green (or blue) 7-shaped glowstick
Fanclub: Lucky Se7en

Although Se7en's parents were opposed to the idea of having him to become a singer, Se7en did not have any intention to give up on his dream. During the 4 long years of training in YG Entertainment, he had to mop the studio floors and practice singing late at night. At the age 19, all of his hard work eventually paid off with his first Korean album, "Just Listen". He has never lipsynced during performances and is a firm believer that artists have an obligation to sing live. Se7en's ever growing popularity still continues today that attracts many international fans who take great notice of his singing, dancing, style and charming personality.

Not only he has debuted in Korea and Japan, he will be expected to debut in the America with Rich Harrison (produced songs for Usher, Beyonce, Amerie, etc.) as his guide. He also has starred in his first acting role in the Korean drama, Goong S (Palace S).


-His first girlfriend was 3 years older than him.
-Lee Yoon Ji's second love/crush was Se7en. He did not know this until she confessed on Happy Together Friends.
-Twitch from Robson Wade Project has helped with the choreography for Se7en's third album. He also taught Big Bang with their dance moves.
-Justin Timberlake's back-up dancers and choreographer, Marty Kudelka were in the "Passion" music video and performances. Practicing for performance / Comments on Se7en by back-up dancers
-Lil C (Christopher Aaron Toler; starred in the movie "Rize") is one of the founders of krump dancing and has danced in Se7en's "Crazy" music video and performances.
-Phil Mungiele, Russell "Goofy" Wright, Melanie Benz, Eddie Morales, and Nicole Hill have also worked with Se7en.
-"Once, Just Once" and "Baby I Like You Like That" music videos were filmed in Los Angeles.
-The song "Passion" was originally written for Jinusean.
-Se7en is close friends with Shinhwa and they have called him the unofficial "7th member" in their group.
-During the early years of training, YG Family forgot to tell Se7en they went on a vacation trip and accidently left him. Se7en was sad being left alone for 4 days, however, during that time he practiced singing in the studio. He admitted that if it weren't for those 4 days, he wouldn't have become the Se7en he is now.
-He likes Paul Frank. (hats, clothes, shower curtains..)
-His tattoo symbolizes his wish to fly with his music

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